Steam cookers

Steam cooker, custom-made of your process. Allowing you to elaborate your products in large dimensions, preserving and empowering all your ingredients with optimal cooking and reduced preparation time.

USEFUL AT: Restaurants, institutional kitchens and dining rooms for the preparation of multiple dishes such as beans, beef, pork, chicken, soups, sauces, etc.


  • The kettle operates with steam from the boiler which allows a large amount of energy to be delivered quickly compared to cooking with traditional systems (direct fire). The consequence is:
    • Cooking will be faster
    • Preventing food from burning or sticking excessively
    • Facilitates product cleaning
  • Thanks to their 2/3 steamer jacket they have a larger heating surface than a normal pot, which allows for more homogeneous cooking as well as a higher quality standard



> Tipping or fixed with outlet valve at the front
> To connect to steam line
> Capacities from 45 to 570 litres
> The 2/3 steam jacket container is made of AISI-304 stainless steel with a sanitary finish
> Designed to work at a pressure of 2.1 Kg/cm2 and can be manufactured for higher pressures according to your needs
> Stainless steel tubular support with flanges for leveling and fixing to the floor
> Safety valve
> Special features according to your needs


> Lid with spring mechanism to keep it open or closed
> Overlay cover
> Two-part cover
> Hose for cleaning and filling
> Layette
> Accessories for steam supply control and condensate recovery
> Vapor pressure control accessory


The heating is through steam which can be generated by:

  • SOLAR ENERGY : Boiler
  • The connection is direct to the steam line at 2.1 kg/cm2 and can be manufactured for higher pressures according to your needs


  • Financing plans. Special prices for cash purchase and/or more than one piece of equipment
  • CONTACT US to learn more about how our kettles work and the advantages of using kettles CITRUS®



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