Industrial Kettle with Automation

Get more control of your production, with the option from automation in our equipment. Your process will be without interruptions when scheduling your prescriptions y at the same time, you will reduce operating costs by saving energy.

USEFUL AT: The industry of processed foods for the heating / cooking of mayonnaises, sauces, purees, boxes, as well as for a great variety of products of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector such as creams, gels, emulsions, liquids, semi-liquids. With a wide variety of stirring, homogenizing and/or mixing options.


  • Controls production times for better scheduling of area personnel
  • Better control of preparation temperatures as well as control of agitators and their speeds allows a higher and more homogeneous quality standard of your product and less waste
  • Enter a previously saved recipe or create a quick recipe to save operation times
  • The industrial kettles operate with steam (generated by the boiler or directly from the kettle itself) allowing a large amount of energy to be delivered quickly compared to cooking with traditional systems (direct fire). The consequence is:
    • that the cooking will be faster
    • preventing the food from getting burnt or stuck excessively
    • which facilitates the cleaning of the product



> Selection of manual or automatic heating
> Selection of temperature and heating time
> Automated control of the agitators and their speeds
> Direct selection of heating with predefined temperatures
> Digital temperature display
> Sensor made of stainless steel in direct contact with the product with sanitary design
> Digital color display
> Water jet protection
> With steam line connection at 2.1 kg/cm2 and can be manufactured for higher pressures according to your needs


The required steam in the kettle can be generated through

  • SOLAR ENERGY | Boiler | Gas | Electricity
  • In case of steam supply the connection is direct to the steam line at 2.1 kg/cm2 and can be manufactured for higher pressures according to your needs



  • Depending on the type of agitator, they can be mounted on arms, fixed or tilting bridges
  • They can be combinations of the above and other


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