Semi-automatic Shoe Washing module

Hygiene is a prerequisite for the safety of your process. To avoid contamination of your products, it is necessary to guarantee the correct hygiene of your personnel entering or leaving the production area, combining cleaning and disinfection of hands and soles.

USEFUL IN: in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and ago-industry, as well as in industrial canteens for the cleaning and disinfection of hands and industrial shoes at the accesses to production areas where the flow of personnel is continuous.


  • 1Ideal for 10 to 15 people per shift
  • The sole is carved with a rotating brush, it has side brushes to carve the sides of the sole
  • Comes with a two roller brushes to clean the sides of the industrial boot sleeve.
  • On the side it has a tray to place a soap or sanitizer tank
  • Easy cleaning.

Soles are automatically washed using the roller brushes. The washing of the boot sleeve is done manually with the side brush. One boot is washed at a time.