CITRUS® ECOSYSTEM – An illustrative educational case study #Store

Having invested in its energy security, a dairy company operates with clean energy all day long… 


The management of the business has been driving the initiatives to optimize energy generation inside the manufacturing facilities. Recommendations identified from the previous CITRUS Check-Up Report have been applied as the company already decided to install a solar thermal system to achieve savings of natural gas and money. However, further results can be obtained…


CITRUS Energy Storage Solutions 

The CITRUS Energy Storage Solutions powered by Azelio’s technology is the first industrial energy storage solution enabling the use of renewable energy at all hours of the day.

Powering industrial processes around the clock using solar energy implies a radical paradigm shift when it comes to energy availability, as:  

  • it offers energy security with a reliable electricity supply without depending on the grid 
  • it removes volatility of energy prices dictated by market forces
  • it guarantees power around the clock in remote areas which are not covered by the existing grid
  • it reduces electrical energy costs, the overall competitiveness is enhanced. 

Existing dairy companies work with ingredient suppliers in remote areas. In these off-grid locations, poor and unreliable energy infrastructure have a negative impact on operational efficiency of the supply chain, directly impacting the possible performance of companies.

That is why the company wants to implement the CITRUS ENERGY STORAGE SOLUTIONS powered by Azelio. This technology is been proven to be the cleanest battery available on the market, with the lowest CO2 impact per stored energy unit. Using recycled materials it is designed to work in tough conditions, with zero reduction of its operational efficiency for 30 years, ensuring a reliable long-term energy supply when and wherever you need it.

Chapter 4: learn how CITRUS process equipment changed a dairy company into efficient net-zero manufacturer

*This illustration presenting a dairy company is for educational purposes only, aiming to present the application of the CITRUS Ecosystem®.

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