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CITRUS® ECOSYSTEM – A case study #Produce

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Dairy Processors Inc. wants to operate efficiently as a net-zero manufacturer… 

CASE STUDY: Dairy Processors Inc

The management of Dairy Processors Inc. has been driving initiatives to optimize energy use. Recommendations identified from the previous CITRUS Check-Up Report have been applied as Dairy Processors Inc already decided to install a solar thermal system to achieve savings of natural gas and money. Energy storage gave the company a competitive advantage in its energy supply security. However, further results can be achieved…



Dairy Processors Inc. is in the business of producing and commercializing transformed dairy products. Their objective is to offer the best product with the most efficient process possible. The company has opted to equip its production line with CITRUS STAINLESS-STEEL PROCESS EQUIPMENT. The production line is designed according to the process requirements of Dairy Processors Inc. to ensure the highest quality products at the lowest operational cost.

This video is an example of how powder ingredients are mixed with water using the CITRUS homogenizer to create a perfect base for ice cream.

With over 50 years of manufacturing industrial process equipment, CITRUS offers a wide range of equipment from automated sanitary access control units to Universal Cooker for research & development and recipe testing, to storage tanks, pressure and vacuum kettles; fully automated production lines designed and manufactured according to the client’s needs.


Our continuous focus to attend the evolving needs of our industrial customers has resulted in innovations such as our UNIQUE TANK COATING. This non-stick layer generates savings up to 80% in product loss, drainage and cleaning time. 

Who wants to have their money «stuck» in the tank?


With COVID-19, the need to protect the employees and process integrity with strict sanitary and hygiene protocols is more important than everIn line with the protocols enforced by the authorities and for the safety of its employees, Dairy Processors Inc. selected the CITRUS SANITARY ACCESS CONTROL units, ensuring a safe and hygienic workplace. This line-up is designed to address such needs in companies of all sizes, and sanitization of hands and shoes when entering production areas is now safer and more efficient. 

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