Having optimized its energy infrastructure, Dairy Processors Inc. proceeded with transforming its energy supply… 

CASE STUDY: Dairy Processors Inc

The management of Dairy Processor Inc. has been driving the initiatives to optimize the energy generation inside the manufacturing facilities. The previous CITRUS Check-Up Report identified a critical issue and recommendations. Dairy Processors Inc already took a surgical look into its operations with the Check-Up but further results can be obtained…


The CHECK-UP further revealed that preheating the water of the boiler with a solar system would reduce the annual natural gas consumption by 25% while reducing its CO2 emissions by 150 tons per year. 
The manufacturing operations and its auxiliary services is set to benefit from this system for more than 15 years. The technical-economic analysis provided a solid justification and path forward to implement this project.



The CITRUS Solar solutions comprises the most efficient technologies currently on the market, to power industrial processes directly on-site from renewable sources. The variety of existing industrial processes offers such possibilities of implementation for solar systems as the Table 1 shows. Technologies producing electricity or hot water and steam up to 160°C, can easily power industrial processes saving money and reducing your carbon footprint.

Table 1: Examples of Solar Heat for Industrial Processes applications

Chapter 3: applying solar energy around the clock, Dairy Processors Inc. achieved the lowest possible operational cost…